Get your kids to write a letter to themselves……

My oldest child is now 20. I am posting a letter here that she wrote to herself when she was eight. I think it is adorable and she is now in college majoring in communications with a minor in creative writing. I think her writing ability surpassed mine when she was in 10th grade. She plans on writing a great novel and based on her predictions at eight I wouldn’t bet against it. For those of you with children in the early grades encourage them to write letters to themselves when they are older about who they will become. They will love it and it will bring joy to you also. Who knows some of them might even predict their future. The scary thing is my youngest has been saying he wants to join the military for about two years now. I will try to get him to write a letter about growing up to be an accountant……. Have a wonderful day. Mark

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  1. amy says:

    Great idea — I have a kindergartner, and think this would be a lot of fun to look back upon down the road. Thanks!

  2. Very impressive and what a great idea. This is something I will encourage my youngest son to do. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a fantastic idea. I am starting a new session of a children’s creative writing club this afternoon. The children are all in elementary school and I’m constantly looking for new ideas. I love that you included your daughter’s letter and hope to use it to illustrate the plan.

    • mark says:

      Thanks so much for your comment Kelli. I wish this was my idea but it was her teacher Kim Devine at the Moreland Discovery School in San Jose. Kim gets all the credit.

  4. Lucy Shelly says:

    This is very exclusive and different idea at all. I’m really p[leased to read out this write-up. This is amazing t me to read. I think it is a great inspiration for my daughter. Thanks!!! :):):)

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