Frecklebox personalized gifts mentioned on other websites
Frecklebox Personalized Coloring Books Featured on The Today Show

Frecklebox Personalized Christmas Gifts Featured on Studio 5

Classy Mommy video review for Sight Words
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Frecklebox featured with Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show (6 minutes, 15 seconds)

Get Your Kids to Read – Frecklebox Co-Founders, Scott Feldman and Mark Sarpa, on View from the Bay
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WFAA-TV video of interview with the Frecklebox Dadpreneur, Mark Sarpa
"Meet a Dadprenuer who made reading personal for kids."
Mommy Enterprises – Thoughts, opinions, reviews and more from a word at home mom!
"One of my favorite types of gifts to give to family, friends and especially my children are personalized gifts."
San Francisco Examiner – Frecklebox personalized gifts makes reading & learning fun
"There’s one gift that no child can outgrow, and that’s something with their name on it."
Icefairy’s Treasure Chest
"I love personalized gifts because they can make the recipient feel so special and they create memories that might last a lifetime. "
A Couch With A View...
"Frecklebox has got to have seriously some of the best personalized items that I’ve ever seen"
My Wee View – The Best Products for your Family
"...we have named him Hudson, we feel we given him a bit of a unique name and that is why I was thrilled to find the freckle box website."
Born 2 Impress
"I am a total sucker for personalized items, children stuff, jewelry... You name it!"
Mommy PR .. Wearing Pink
"I also love My Name Is because it spells the 3 yr old’s name nice and big in each setting."
Design for Baby
"So I don’t know about you, but I have always wanted to be the cool aunt that gave the most amazing gifts to kids on their birthdays! "
Mama’s Money Savers
"As a kid, I remember I loved anything with my name on it, which was especially hard to hard since my name is so different (Cherise)."
Kid Friendly... Mommy Approves!
"I like to keep our family of four entertained, educated and to show them a good time! "
Holiday Gifts Now
"I absolutely love Frecklebox. They have such great gift ideas and great customer service to boot!"
The Copper Brick Road – Our Path to Penny Pinching
"I was pleasantly surprised of the proofing abilities. You are able to see exactly what you’re ordering personalized before you order it."
Gobs of Giveaways
"I love that the When I Grow Up will grow with M as she gets older. It goes through everything that a little boy or girl might want to be when they grow up."
Otherhood – Mothers getting out and tuning in
"Mr A. loved his chart so much that he slept with it the first night. Yes I am serious he actually slept with the chart all rolled up"
Mommy Reviewed
"Children love receiving gifts, but even more exciting for them is receiving a personalized gift that they can call their very own."
Living Life and Luvin’ it!
"Seriously, I know I’m not the the only one who struggles so hard to come up with a present for a child who, often times, I don’t know very well."
A Simple Kind of Life
"She is just thrilled to see her name in lights, if you will! She loves being the Princess too!"
Thrifty and Chic Mom – Living life, spending less
"We received the zoo book and on each page her name is hidden among the animals. She has a great time finding her name and proudly shows everyone where it is hidden."
Chicago Parent – Taking it Personally
"There are a lot of personalization sites for kids out there already, but when it comes to the overall impressiveness, or wow factor of the final product if you will, Frecklebox is king."
Fabulous Fun Finds
"This is a great way to encourage your child to read as well as learn how to write and recognize his own name."
Frugal Mommy – Finding great deals and fun products
" I really love personalized products. It lets the person receiving it know you were thinking of them."
Mamas Money Savers
"What a better way to entertain a child than reading a book with their name in it or putting a puzzle together with their picture on it."
Does mommy love it?
"An outdoorsy kid, he recieved the Nature Book and loved every illustration of his name, creatively spelled out with seashells, pigeons, clouds."
ABC & 123 – a learning cooperative
"As former elementary teachers, we know that literacy begins very early on; the sooner you begin reading to and with your child the more likely he or she will be successful at independent reading. "
Mom Most Traveled
"I love the idea of personalized party favors; that would be something more meaningful than the typical bag of cheap junk!"
Simply Being Mommy – Simply Living Life
"My first son, Rylan, is an animal fanatic. Not your typical dog and cat type animals, but lions, tigers, bears type animals. He has some mean lion impersonations!"
Momicillin – take as needed
"At only $6.95 each, they are a reasonably priced and absolutely AWESOME party favors for your next event."
Mummy's Product Reviews– New, Personalized Spanish Story Book for Children
"Creating a gift on Frecklebox takes only a few seconds, which is nothing compared to the memories it will create that will last a lifetime."
Target Latino – New, Personalized Spanish Story Book for Children
"I happened upon this product and thought it was incredible. You have to try it for yourself..."
Tiny Oranges – Fresh, fun blog for OC moms
"She absolutely loves it and gets the biggest kick out of seeing her name on every page and her picture in the end."
Running Away? I’ll help you pack!
"Cole just started Pre-K this year and just learned how to write and pick out his name. You should have seen his face light up when he saw his name on the cover."
Extraordinary Mothers Frecklebox MEGA Review
"Sweet personalization makes kids feel so important and its nice to have something for them that is solely theirs, it has their name on it!!"
As They Grow Up
"My daughters have always loved to find things that are personalized and my son loves hearing his name in books and music. "
My Organized Chaos
"The 3 girls each received their own hardcover personalized books."
Busy Mom – helping make busy mom’s lives easier
"Frecklebox’s hard cover books are a great gift that can last a lifetime."
A Mom’s Balancing Act
"As a mom, and former early childhood educator, I can tell you that it’s a wonderful way to get kids involved in reading as well as getting them familiar with their own name."
The Children’s Book Review: Earth Day Picks, 2009
"If ever there was a book that could encourage your child to take action in 'saving the planet', this is it."
STL Mommy – Frecklebox Review and Giveaway
"We love books, it was exciting for the boys to finally have a book that wouldn’t be shared!"
...and Twins make 5! Reviews and Insights from a Mommy of 5 children including twins
"When you have twins, having something that is all yours is an extra special treat."
Through Hazel Eyes review with a video blog
"He pulled out the book 'Ryan Goes to the Zoo' and the excitement that radiated was priceless."
Lisa Reviews
"Frecklebox has some of the coolest products out there, and I will be ordering some more birthday and Mother’s Day gifts shortly."
Mama Sparkles – "Fun with Frecklebox"
"It has my son’s name on the cover and I was able to write my own dedication to him on the inside."
Monster’s in my House and other not so scary things
"They were ecstatic when we opened the package and pulled out the books and a puzzle with their names on it."
Baby Loving Mama – sharing all that moms love
"Something that you know they don’t already have. Something that shows you thought of them and only them when you picked it out. Something they can keep forever."
A review by The Morris Bunch
"I was more than satisfied with not only the superior customer service but the products. The names look like they belong on the products."
Mommy In Pink Cool Find
"I love the concept of personalized children’s gifts. After all, they are a keepsake you will have for years to come."
A Frecklebox review by Ladybug Soup
"Seeing her name written in the clouds and in the stars was so sweet and special...this is a book that we will cherish for years to come."
Take a look at this video blog by Good Golly Miss Blondie
"Here is a video of Hunter sharing with you what he got from Frecklebox. Watch his face when he notices his name on the puzzle for the first time."
Babble – the magazine and community for a new generation of parents
"The book is so well designed, I know I’ll keep it forever. "
The Mommy Files – Parenting, Reviews, Giveaways, Motherhood
"Kids LOVE to see their names on things!"
The Soothie Ranch – From Our Family to Yours
"Frecklebox takes personalization a step beyond that to incorporate your little one’s name throughout the story line and even in the illustrations themselves."
Blessings Abound – "Birthday Event Day 7: Frecklebox"
"Ethan chose Hip Hop Howie with his name and you should have seen the smile on his face when it arrived! He immediately jumped on my lap and insisted that I read it to him right away."
Brick House Paperie – "Stuck on Frecklebox"
"At only $3.95 a set, you can't go wrong. You can sticker invitation envelopes, give them as party favors, label books and backpacks, just about anything you can think of. "
BloggyMom Reviews – "Frecklebox Personalized Gifts for Kids"
"Frecklebox makes personalized items for kids. For all kids. Kids named Henry, Michael, Ashley, Samantha AND kids named Saxon, Stephano, Tatiana, or Desiree. Plus every other name in between."
Chip Chicklets – "Frecklebox Personalized Story Books Make Your Child the Star"
"Your child’s name is input into the story and enhances the whole experience of a story before bedtime."
The Gerber Babies Blog – "Frecklebox Makes Reading Fun!"
"When I discovered Frecklebox, my expectations were exceeded."
For Immediate Release Reviews – Kids!
"The personalized books from Frecklebox are completely different from my experience! High quality photos, interesting story lines and a seamless fitting of your child’s name on each and every page. Wow and double wow."
You name it! Frecklebox personalized gifts
"You can tailor books, growth charts, posters, puzzles and much more by ordering on their easy to use web site."
Frecklebox review by Mudpies and Mary Janes
"I have been searching for products that can be customized to feature my daughter’s name, and hit the jackpot when I found Frecklebox. "
My Trendy Tykes "Turn those ordinary books into EXTRAORDINARY books..."
"The princess is only 4 but she is already starting to recognize her name on things so these books also serve as a great memory tool."
Muse Reviews "Personalize It... With Frecklebox."
"Don’t overlook Frecklebox next time you have a special birthday boy or girl to buy for, or for those crowning achievements you wish to celebrate, or even "just because".
Baby Let’s Shop blogs about their new personalized Nature Namebook.
"This book is a big hit on our house and everyone just loves it. I think I may even love it more than baby L. Frecklebox..."
Chefdruck Reviews features personalized Nature Namebook, Zoo Book, and Pink Poodle in Paris growth chart
"I was impressed with the professional quality of Frecklebox products: their photography is vibrant and the text is well written."
Personalized Nature Namebook, growth charts and coloring books reviewed by Mom Tested and Approved Reviews
"Matthew received the personalized Nature book and he loves it! He’s just begun to read more on his own and this is a book that is just right for him."
Frecklebox featured on Mighty Junior
"A personalized name book helps kids learn how to spell their names, and keeps them spellbound in ego–centric wonder."
Frecklebox Announces New, Personalized Spanish Story Book
"The fact that we have been able to expand our product line into Spanish, is helping us meet a need for many of our customers looking for the perfect present in their native language."
Tanya Peila blogspot — "Another great personlized gift idea!"
"We are very into personalized gifts this year especially since Little Man is learning to spell his name."
Work At Home Mom video blog about Frecklebox
"The Daily Grind of a Stay at Home Mom does a video blog about Frecklebog"
Full page article about Frecklebox in the Santa Clara Weekly
"In each book, a child’s name undergoes image personification so that the name appears in numerous settings, such as flowers in the soil, birds in the park, and clouds in the sky."
Brick House Paperie reviews Frecklebox puzzles
"... Frecklebox, shines bright with their newest product — personalized puzzles." — Family Keepsakes and Personalized Gifts for Grandchildren
"Your grandchild is put in the center of the story, as the vibrant pictures and accompanying narrative use his or her name..."
Frecklebox on
"When it comes shopping for gifts for somebody you care or love it’s a bit confusing as you might think she or he will not like the gift that you are going to give."
Brick House Paperie reports "Frecklebox reaches new heights"
"With several bright and whimsical designs for both boys and girls, they are the perfect addition to any room..."
Frecklebox featured at
"There is nothing more exciting than watching your child’s face light up when seeing their name in print!"
A Working Blogging Mommy writes about her daugther, Taylor, and her personalized Zoo Book
""Tay Tay book"? That’s what my little girl said to me once I began reading her customized book from Freckle Box to her. She could not believe that she was in the book!"
Squeaky (online/national) featured a write up on Frecklebox.
"The child’s name pops off of page after stunning page."
Mommy Goggles "As you can see in this post, we LOVE Frecklebox!"
"This is one must that we need to add to the kids play room!"
Parent Reviewers "Children Love Frecklebox, Mommies Do Too!"
"Frecklebox has some of the most lovely personalized products that every child will adore."
Get an exclusive discount from Kids Trends Weekly Magazine website!
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Frecklebox featured on Swankymoms blogspot
"The next time your child has a birthday party, make them feel like a VIP with a fabulously personalized gift from Freckle Box!"
A stay-at-home Mom’s point of view of Frecklebox
"A Frecklebox gift is something special, for someone truly special to you."
MOMformation blogs about Frecklebox in personalization article
"As we’ve learned from experience, kids love to see their name in print. That’s why we love Frecklebox..."
Brick House Paperie blogs about Color Me coloring books
"As we’ve learned from experience, kids love to see their name in print. That’s why we love Frecklebox..."
Mommy Goggles - Products I love. Reviews. Giveaways...
"Tucker is in awe over his Goes to the Zoo Personalized Book! He loves it!"
Now What Baby says "Make It Personal!"
"What child wouldn’t want to be the star of their books? What kid doesn’t like to have things that are just for them?"
Mamanista! says "Not Your Ordinary Personalized Book"
"The "My Name Is" Book by Freckle Box teaches your child how to spell his or her name through stunning personalized images."
Tutus & Turtles blogspot
"Now that we own our own Nature Namebooks, I think I may have discovered one of my favorite kiddo items ever."
"Frecklebox Fever!" at Brick House Paperie
"One of our online favorites, Frecklebox, has been up to something new."
Classy Mommy reviews Frecklebox
"I think Mackenzie will learn how to spell both her name and her brother Kyle’s name from reading these stunning books non-stop."
Cool Mom Picks flaunts Frecklebox
"Now, thanks to Frecklebox’s personalized Nature Namebook, she can see her own name written in the stars, in the leaves, in the sand, in ladybugs too."
Progressive Solutions Expands Its Use of Pageflex to Offer Customers Personalized Gifts for Kids
Pageflex technology optimizes user experience in crafting customized products from
Press release about Frecklebox website launch Launches to Deliver Personalized Gifts for Kids
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