Below are Frecklebox customer comments. Thank you, everyone, for all your kind words
From Aaron’s mom in the Netherlands
"Dear Frecklebox,

This is a little note from a Dutch customer. I received my order a few days ago and I just wanted to say: WOW! My son loved the book (Aaron saves the world) and stickers. And the lunchboxes are so cute! I love it.

Thank you Frecklebox,

Serena E - Netherlands"
From Katie D. MCHENRY, IL.
"I am SPEECHLESS!!! The package arrived today as promised and I am totally thrilled and ecstatic at how these books and stickers look. My nieces are going to go crazy over this. There is no way I can say Thank you enough for perfect customer service and even better quality products. I have told everyone about this website and I will continue to do so.

Thank you again so much."
From Dolly D.
"If you could see and hear me I am applauding FRECKLEBOX for the most creative books I have seen. I don't know if I can wait until Christmas to give these to my GRANDCHILDREN!!!!

SaylorGrace’s mom said
"Dear Frecklebox,

I received SaylorGrace’s replacement book and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. Her name in the stars is MUCH clearer in this version and I just know that she will be thrilled with it.

Thank you all again so much for your willingness to make sure that I was a satisfied customer. I am amazed to find this kind of customer service in this day in age.

My best to you all,
Lorena D"
From Janice K.
"OMG, I received the coloring books today and they are gorgeous. I just wanted to send a note of thanks and let you know how excited I am to give them out. The quality is exceptional and I was so happy they came with crayons. I was thinking that I had to go out and buy crayons to give out.

Thank you again for all your help and for delivering a beautiful quality product."
From Sandy L.
"I would like to tell you how wondwerful I think that your books are. The strories are good and the illistrations are wonderful. I just placed my 2nd order with you. This is now going to be my signature gift to all the kids in my life!!"
From Laura F.
"OMG.  OMG. OMG. The box arrived today, and oh, my goodness!!! WONDERFUL!!! P E R F E C T!!!! And I did not even realize that the coloring books included crayons. I am coming back for more....VERY soon.

Thank you so much.

Laura F.


PPS Sorry if I’m a little over the top; it’s just that I am so impressed."
Blain’s mom said
"My son received a MY NAME IS book for his fourth birthday... we both loved it! I have to look no further for baby and birthday gifts! Frecklebox is an amazing company! Such personalized service! Such excellent quality! These products rock!"
From Liz
"Hello Frecklebox Folks,

....joyous tears came to our eyes when we opened and read our Grandson’s "My Name Is...." book! We are VERY happy Grandparents and look forward to visiting Frecklebox frequently!"

From Kelly E – Part I
"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products! My father–in–law works for Hewlett Packard in the printing division and got the 'My Name Is...' book for my daughter, Peyton, for Christmas. She just turned 18 months and TOTALLY KNOWS HOW TO SPELL HER NAME ALOUD! Amazing! People almost don’t believe it when they hear it........and it is all thanks to your book! She picks it up and says, 'Pey–ton!' and wants to read it constantly! I will recommend your products to all my friends and family and I look forward to seeing what products there are to come in the future!!!"

Sincerely thankful to you,

Kelly E
From Kelly E – Part II
"I can honestly say my daughter is one step ahead because of this book! She recognizes all the letters and says and spells her name perfectly at a young age! Having previously been a teacher, I know what an important life skill reading is! To think that with your help we are fostering a love for reading in her is thrilling! Yay!"
From Dina M.
"To Whom It May Concern,

My son, Joshua, received his book 'My Name is Joshua' for his second birthday. We have not been able to get it out of his hands since. If a book can get a two year old this excited about reading, I think it’s a fantastic gift, to the child, and to a mother who hopes her children inherit her love of literature. Thank you."
From Audrey S.
"Your books were the 'gift of the year' for my daughter and niece."
From Faith M.
"I just thought I would tell you that my sister–in–law saw it today at her baby shower and cried. She read it aloud and couldn’t hold back the tears. She loved it and passed it around for all to enjoy. Thanks again for a great product. I am sure I will be using your company again in the future."
A big thank you from Renee
"I just wanted to write and tell you all thanks so much! I purchased three personalized books right before Christmas. The kids loved them and are still enjoying them (how many presents can you say THAT about?). I’ve also had so many friends and family ask about the books – I'm sure you’re going to be hearing from everyone for their next birthday presents.

Your customer service was outstanding too. I waited too long to order the books and nearly got myself into a bind to make sure they arrived on time but your customer service staff took care of all my worries. It’s so rare anymore to actually receive any personal customer service response from any company – I was pleasantly surprised to get emails (and a phone call) from Frecklebox!

Thanks so much! Love your products and love the customer care! We’ll be back again!"
Allison’s mom said:
"My 3-year-old daughter recently received a copy of "My Name is Allison" and it is the BEST gift she got this year!! She opened the package and said immediately "That’s my name, Mommy!!!" Now she won’t stop asking to read "The Allison book".

What a fantastic, quality gift. No longer will I be wondering what gift to buy for a birthday party – next invitation to a birthday party I get, I will go directly to frecklebox.com"
A "Thank You" note from Susan
"Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service! I can’t express how much your world–class treatment means to me and my family at this time. I highly recommend your website to friends and commend you for creating such a caring company! We greatly appreciate your personal touch and look forward to ordering from you again and again!"
Comments from Izabela after receiving her order...
"I just received my Frecklebox order, and I just love it! The personalized coloring and activity books look great on the website, but they’re simply awesome!!! We will use them as party favors for our daughter’s birthday party. I can’t wait to see the faces of the kids when they see them. Thanks again for the good quality products and fast shipment. I will recommend Frecklebox to friends and definitely come back to shop on the website!"
Whitney received her Christmas shipment...
"I received the shipment today and am thrilled! I am so impressed with your company. It is the most organized and professional one that I have dealt with. When people receive their lootbags in a few weeks, I am going to rave about your company."
Jen and Jeff are throwing a party!
"The coloring books look great! We are so excited to give them out at the party this weekend. Thanks again for all your help and for your amazing customer service!"
A "Thank You" from Heather
"Thank you SO much for getting this out a day early! This is my 2nd time ordering from you guys and I have been passing the Frecklebox word around to everyone I know. You guys are great! The level of customer service is outstanding. Not to mention your products, they just couldn’t be more perfect."
From Louise
"Got our book we ordered for our nephew, Marcello. We love it and are anxious to give it to our little nephew next time they visit.My oldest son 21 asked why we didn't get him a book like this for him when he was little!!! What an excellent gift and I am so impressed by your product and professional quality and speed..."
Afia said:
"Hi guys! The package did arrive this past Friday, thank you soooooo much! The books are just amazing and the kids love them! I'm so impressed with the quality of the paper and the beautiful pictures. I cannot wait to order from you guys again soon."
Tyler’s mom said:
"Tyler is just crazy about dinosaurs. When I saw that design I knew he would be thrilled. It’s a perfect addition to his room."
Tucker’s mom said:
"Tucker is in awe over his Goes to the Zoo" Personalized Book! He loves it! We read it at bedtime. What a great idea for a book... Make it personalized! We read and he points out the animals. What a great gift idea for anyone!"
Tyler’s mom said:
"WOW! Thank you so much for the book. I think this is one of the best gifts we've received for Tyler. I absolutely am in love with the book. Thank you, thank you! What a great product. I will be sure to save this url so that I can take care of future baby shower gifts. Love it!!!!!!"
Max’s mom said:
"We received our nature name books last week and they are even better than I imagined. My son was enthralled, and even shut his eyes between pages, just like the book said that he did! It was fun to encourage him to sound out his full name (Maximus, he usually goes by Max), and we really got a lot out of reading it together. It is definitely a very special treat and we will cherish it for a long time."
Hailey’s father said:
"Hiphop Howie is a hit with my daughter, Hailey. She loves hearing and seeing her name and has learned all about the joy of rhyming. It’s such a unique toddler gift, we buy it for our friends’ kids all the time."
Kacie said:
"Both of my girls love to read these books every night!"
Jeff said:
"My son Ryan loves to point at his name, spell it, and says "That?s me!"
Valentina’s Mom said:
"Wow, Frecklebox. My daughter Valentina was so mesmerized by your zoo book. What a fun and entertaining tale you’ve crafted. I think the penguins were her favorite, but she loved every page."
Tanner’s Grandpa said:
"When I saw I could put Tanner’s name on a fire truck poster I knew I had found the perfect gift. He loves it. In fact, the poster had become the centerpiece of a his fireman-themed bedroom."
Rachel’s mom said:
"I was looking for something fun to give out as favors for Rachel’s special day. A friend told me about the personalized journal books and promised the kids would love them. They certainly did."
Caroline said:
"My niece, Madison, who received the first book I ordered, has shown it to everyone who walks in the door. It’s a huge hit. Thank you so much for helping me make so many kids happy!"
Aidan’s mom said:
"The nature name book is my son’s favorite book. Aidan learned to spell his name with it, but that doesn’t stop him from asking to read it again and again and again. This personalized children’s book is truly a special gift."
Kai's mother wrote in her blog:
"Frecklebox is Awesome! Looking for personalized gifts for your little one? How about a one-and-only baby shower gift for a special mother-to-be? Want to see your toddler flip out when he finds his/her uniquely spelled name embedded in a special story book?

You must visit Frecklebox: www.frecklebox.com

You can customize books, posters, notebooks, placemats and more!

Check out the nature name book and the zoo book! Our favorite so far are the placemats. Kai flipped out with joy when I came home with his. He didn't want to eat on it for fear of getting it dirty! He also has a cool matching poster...

We love Frecklebox!"
Kudos to Frecklebox customer service:
"I can’t believe that 1.5 days after calling you, I recieved the new and correct book. That is customer service that you just don’t find very often these days, and I greatly appreciate it. My friend’s twins will be getting their birthday gift on time.

Many thanks for the speedy response!!!"
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