Gift Guide for 3 Year Old Girls


Gift Guide for 3-Year-Old Girls

At 3 years old, girls start to develop their own thoughts and interests. They know what they likewhether it's mermaids, animals or specific colors. We've curated a collection of personalized gifts on our website for 3-year-old girls with lots of fun designs to peak their interest!


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The 3-year-old on your birthday or holiday list is ready to explore with all of their senses. They're able to sit and play with one toy for an extended period of time and then tell you when they're over it. That's why its important to provide them with a variety of playthings that help them develop different skills through play. It could be something educational like a storybook or stem related toys to actively engage their minds. Or get her something to get active and roaming around such as a tricycle, this link might help you find the perfect gift for your little girl.


ce417251a21e4006a7708a5e4a3b74a6--navy-style-mommy-and-me.jpgIf your little girls toy bin is already overflowing and seems out of control, maybe it’s time for a wardrobe update! Bright colors and funky prints are where it's at for tot clothes. Think to mix prints and fabrics for a fun look that grabs everyone's attention. Kids' clothes are more fashion-forward than ever. Look to everyday items she can wear like a plush hoodie or comfy corduroy pants. These are the go-to items she can wear to school, daycamp or hanging out with grandma. Elastic waistbands on nearly all bottoms make it easy to dress a child and prevents abrasion on the skin.Tights are seamless for a comfortable experience for the little one. Slip-on sneakers or sparkling flats make for functional shoes that are easy access. This selection of toddler clothes and shoes incorporates fashion and function for simple shopping. She'll look her best whatever the occasion is with the cool selection of toddler clothes for girls from old navy.


You should also encourage your child to donate any old toys or clothes to the Goodwilll or any donation center in your community to make another child smile.


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