Imagination = Awesomeness!

Imagination is the key to solving summertime boredom!

As parents, we all know how difficult it can be to cultivate a fun environment for our kids during the summer months. During the long hot days, it can be tempting to just park our kids in front of the TV so that we can get some work done or finally clean the house. While I will never shame parents for some TV time (I 100% do it), I do think it is up to us to make sure our kids are getting just as much time using their imaginations to create their own fun. While there is absolutely no harm in them using their toys to set scenes, I LOVE having them create fun straight from their brains.

My favorite way to foster this environment is by giving them a large box and some colored pencils or markers. While I totally get that coloring is a risky endeavor, it really is an awesome way for them to create their own scenarios through their imagination. They can be pirates onboard a ship, astronauts making their way to the moon, or truck drivers making their way across the country to deliver some goods! Allowing them to come up with their world on their terms makes them the master of their domain and enables them to branch off into different scenarios within the fun. I love watching my little ones use their brains to create worlds and characters and scenarios, and it can create hours and hours of fun for them. So, go ahead and order something cool off Amazon that includes a huge box. It's for them!

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