Kids Are Awesome

On Easter Sunday, our family tradition is to go to my Grandpa's old fire station, where he was chief for about twenty years. They put on a big Easter brunch and have a big egg hunt for all of the little kids. I see a lot of familiar faces that I have grown up around, but every year there are fewer and fewer firefighters there that I know. As the older guys who I know retire, young guys begin their careers. The other thing I notice in this generational shift is there are more and more little kids at the event every year. I don't know about you guys, but I think little kids are the most entertaining people in the world, and watching them search for Easter eggs is pretty hilarious to me.

My little cousin, who is 7 years old, spotted a shiny gold egg before they started the hunt and had his heart set on that egg. There were probably 500 other eggs, but he only wanted that one egg. So of course another kid got to that egg before he could get there and he was heartbroken. After they had pretty much wrapped up the egg hunt, he went up to the kid who got the egg, and offered to trade all of the eggs he had found for this one shiny egg. I was having a really hard time laughing quietly, and he gave me the coldest look I have ever seen, opened the shiny egg, and started jumping around cheering because there was a Reese's PB cup inside. Kids are so awesome.

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