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Unique Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything | Personalized Gifts

Unique Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything | Personalized Gifts

Every kid is special. As a responsible parent, you give your children the love and care that they deserve. One of the best ways to show your love for your kids is to give them the best gifts that they truly love. You can make them happy on their birthday and other special occasions if you give them gifts that suit their interests, taste, and personality. The best gifts also help them learn.

There are so many choices in the market today versus 10 years ago when people lined up before opening at ToyRUs to pick up that hot toy for the holiday that your child had to have.  We created Frecklebox.com to be the most unique, high-quality personalized gifts for kids. This works really well for kids who have everything because chances are they have never seen a Frecklebox gift. They are among the most sought-after providers of personalized gifts for kids and yet we are still a very small manufacturing company based on the West Coast. Our goal is to make children smile and we have been doing that since 2008 but very few parents know about these personalized gifts.

Personalized gifts for your kids

Personalized books are excellent gifts for your child. It can also help to enhance the cognitive skills of your child. They can have the chance to learn from personalizedcoloring books. Aside from coloring, they can enjoy reading the story of a particular book. Coloring books and personalized storybooks will help your child to enhance their understanding and reading skills.

The best about it is that you can customize the book to meet the needs of your child. You can have a book that comes with alphabet and numbers for the learning process of your children.

Personalized Lunch Boxes

It cannot be denied that children want to eat their delicious foods and snacks. Well, you can give them with personalized lunch boxes to show how much you love them. Personalized lunch boxes are perfect gifts to put a smile on the face of your child on their special day.

Their name will be featured on the lunch boxes and we believe they will actually take better care of it because of this and they might even put it away. You can also add a special greeting each day on the chalkboard on the inside lid. This is a great way for them to have a better day and to know you are thinking about them. Since writing creative notes can be challenging here are a couple of great links for things to write.

7 Notes to write to your children

Letters to Kids

Send Encouraging Notes to School with your child

(On a side note, I am Mark and the owner and CEO of Frecklebox.com. In October of 2018, my 20-year-old son dropped off a letter I had written to him when he was 13. In this letter, I had written about some of the struggles he was going through. Of course, he didn't thank me for the letter when I wrote it but he kept it for seven years in perfect condition so these notes and words mean so much. I teared up to think that he had kept it all of these years. And you can email me at mark@frecklebox.com if you want to see a picture of the actual letter )

Meanwhile, if you want to avail personalized gifts for your kids, you can choose Frecklebox as your partner for your gift needs. We offer a wide selection of gifts for our kids and we manufacture all products in the United States. We try to make the highest quality gifts for kids in our San Jose facility located at 650 N. King Road in San Jose.

If you want to get affordable and high-quality gifts for kids, then we have some other products to choose from including personalized placemats, storybooks, coloring books, bookmarks, lunch boxes, coin banks, chore charts, clipboards, journals, and growth charts, stickers, wrapping paper, wall art, school supplies, wall art and more.

Since we manufacture ourselves and have been doing it for nearly 30 years, we can provide you with fast delivery and great customer support that you deserve. With Frecklebox personalized gifts, your kids can experience happiness and excitement on their special day. If you are conscious to budget and quality for your gifting needs, then Frecklebox can help you also. Any products which feature your child's name ver viewed differently than the stuff you can order on Amazon or purchase at Target. We have all heard the expression "It is the thought that counts". In writing this post I found that this can be attributed to Henry van Dyke. Click on the link below to find out more.

“It is not the gift, but the thought that counts,” penned by Henry van Dyke (1852 – 1933), an American author, poet, diplomat, and theologian. 

And here an article from Stanford University where they discuss the thought is much more important than the gift. IT IS THETHOUGHT THAT COUNTS

Here are some of our favorite other sites for unique gifts for children.

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I hope this post helps you during this holiday season.

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