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Why don't we have free coloring pages anymore?

Why don't we have free coloring pages anymore?

This post is to explain why we don't have free coloring pages anymore. The story is Freckleobox.com launched as a personalized book site in 2008. At the time we only had two products. Personalized books and personalized coloring books. We thought our products would be so popular that we would need to shut the other segments of our business down. Our only competitor at the time was Iseeme.com, which made great but different books. We just didn't understand how to market on the internet (and probably still don't).

In 2021 we were going to shut down Frecklebox.com because the technology costs were outpacing the revenue. Then I found a replacement technology called Printess which allowed us to replace the customization engine on our site and reduced our operating costs. This allowed us to keep it up. In 2022 we have great competitors like WonderblyHooray HeroesPut Me In The StoryDinkleboo and Iseeme still has great products. 

Personalized coloring pages were hard to launch on the new technology so we had to temporarily shut that down. If our new character builder on custom coloring books and personalized placemats, is successful we hope to bring these back in the future.

I am sorry we had to discontinue these since we know many teachers used these personalized coloring pages for their students.

If we can grow revenue we we add these back in the future.


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