Personalized Gifts for Boys


You have found the section filled with all things BOY! Here you will find the perfect match for your little guy no matter what his personal tastes may be. Customize your product with his name and pair with something he really needs! You’ll find items for school, such as lunch boxes, folders, bookmarks, notebooks, and sight word pads. Great material for quiet time, such as reading books, journals, and activity coloring books. Stickers, placemats, puzzles, and more, for a fun time with your little guy. He’ll have a blast using your Frecklebox gift and you’ll be happy watching him with it. Each gift is sure to last as they are made using the latest technology printers and durable material. Each product is made with your special little boy in mind. You’ll find designs with dinosaurs, cars, trucks, animals, camping, sports, trains, music, space, you name it! Take the boy in your life in an adventure as you read to him, or send him to school with the nutrients he craves in a colorful personalized lunch box. Encourage his imagination with some quiet time using one of our many journals. Entertain him for hours with a unique coloring book. Whether you are looking for one little boy or a whole party, we are sure you’ll find something special.