Caleb Gray Designs Personalized Gifts for kids

Whether coloring with his crayons on the wall or on paper, Caleb Gray was artistic since he was a scribbling squirt! A ceaseless stack of storybooks inspired his imagination and he began to tell his own tales through pictures. Although he outgrew coloring on the wall, he always knew he wanted to be an artist one day.

By the time he began his Fine Art degree, Caleb had been thinking that illustration would be the perfect way to unify his love of drawing and playful imagination. Working on the Disney Channel’s PB&J Otteranimated series provided him with a fantastic foundation in character design and expression. Next, Caleb worked in-house at C.R. Gibson, designing and illustrating giftware for boutique clients and mass market chains alike. Along the way he was fascinated to learn the vast possibilities for an art career.

So in 2008, teaming his tastes for contemporary and nostalgic design, Caleb launched his studio of uniquely modern art with a fun, retro vibe. Not only do pairing these past and present principles produce a timelessness to his work, but combined with Caleb’s clever concepts and healthy heap of humor create a style that’s both instantly recognizable and fantastically fun!

As a result, Caleb’s whimsical work can now be seen internationally not only on stationery and giftware, but a whole range of goods including fabrics, tableware, and home décor. “It gives me the biggest kick peppering the humor, style, and creativity I love into art that tickles everybody else too,” he says. “And it just goes to show that imagination can be a hoot at any age!”

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