Personalized Tween Gifts

What comes in between a kid and a teenager? A tween! These years can feel awkward for a lot, but your tween doesn’t have to feel that way. Here you will find items with this tween stage specifically in mind. You can feel confident as you browse this category to find and choose the perfect gift for your growing tween. Items for school, home, and on-the-go, we have items for both boys and girls. Clipboards are an amazing tool to help them complete homework while heading to an after school activity. There’s no need to feel frustrated with slipping paperwork when you have a clip to keep them in place! The hard board gives an excellent writing surface for any assignment. With so many classes, help them keep organized with a themed binder or folder. Having a separate folder for each class will maximize organization and make it simple and easy to sort or find paperwork. With designs from elegant and sporty, the perfect fit is here for your tween. Name personalization will show them you really bought this gift with them in mind. Send them to school feeling prepared this year—they are sure to thank you for years to come!