About Frecklebox

We got our start as a digital printing company back in 1990. Frecklebox has always been our favorites platform because of the joy we bring to children with these personalized gifts. We started in the world of consumer products in 2004 when we began producing birth announcements for TinyPrints and we fell in love! We launched Frecklebox in April of 2008 with the intention of making kids, parents, and grandparents smile! 

We manufacture all of our products at our facility in Fremont, California, so everything you receive has been made in the USA. We love having kids come see how their books are made, so feel free to stop on by if you're in the area!

Our parent company is Neuron Publishing LLC., which operates both Frecklebox and our wholesale digital printing business, StationeryHQ. All technology and manufacturing is in the USA.

Thanks for listening to our story!