Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Santa Claus is coming to town! You won’t see any pouting while the child or children you are gifting create(s) a masterpiece. Crafting is a fun activity for kids of all ages this Christmas holiday. Here you will find an entire category filled with gifts to give for Christmas Crafting. Whether they like to craft alone or with others, these Christmas Crafts are sure to be a hit this holiday season. Watch them joyfully create masterpieces the whole family can enjoy. Christmas themed gifts such as a ‘Holiday Fun’ coloring activity book will get them in the holiday spirit. Or you can find a snowy puzzle, complete with a penguin, polar bear, seal, and owl for the little animal lover. Other fun options such as a heart journal will give your little girl the room she needs to create a memory of your family traditions. Your boy will love the basketball themed sketchbook, where he can practice drawing the scenes from Christmas morning. All crafts are made to be personalized with their name in top quality color. You are sure to bring them entertainment and good feelings as they use your gift this year. Have a jolly good time with your Frecklebox gift this holiday season.

Our favorite Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Personalized Notebooks



Personalized Sketchbooks

Help bring inspiration to your little dreamer with their very own individualized notebook! Whether they love to write, draw, or doodle each notebook gives them plenty of opportunity to do what they love to do. Seeing their name right on the front cover, your child will know this notebook was created with love just for them.


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Take a child on a journey as they use their imaginations to fill one of our personalized sketchbooks. From baseball to punk princess we are sure you will find one to reflect the personality of the child in your life. Customize each book with the name of your choice to make them feel extra special.




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Personalized Coloring Books

Personalized Puzzles

What could be better for quiet time than some coloring? Or maybe you just need a little distraction for your child while out on the go. Every child loves to color, and what could be better than coloring in your own personalized coloring book? Each book inserts your child’s name right onto the pages.

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A custom puzzle makes the perfect quiet time activity. Encourage your child’s problem solving and motor skills with a personalized puzzle! As your child sees their name appear while putting the pieces together they are bound to feel special. Even the most rowdy children can enjoy a little quiet time as they accomplish putting together the entire picture. They will proudly be able to show off their finished name puzzle to anyone willing to listen.


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