FAQs about personalized gifts for kids

Fun Awesome Questions

Why should I get children personalized gifts?

Dale Carnegie said "Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language". Our personalized gifts feature the child's name which is why children, parents and grandparents will love these gifts.

Where can I find the best personalized gifts for kids?

There are many choices but personalized books from Frecklebox.com are the only ones that feature the child's name on every spread and feature the child's name in images. These are special keepsake gifts which will be treasured for many years.

How do I get help?
The best way to reach us by email at info@frecklebox.com. We have several moms who work from home part of the time and we are much better by email than by phone. Our phone number is 888.819.5798. Please leave your name, your phone number, and your order number (if you know it) and we will call you back.

The books are about the children I choose. How cool is that?
This thing we do is off-the-charts cool. Show a Frecklebox product to a child and you’ll see precisely what we mean.

How do you do that?
Magic. Okay, some very sophisticated software has been put in place, but we like to think of it as magic.

When will I get my order?
This form of magic typically takes up to three business days to ship upon the submission of your order. Add this to your shipping transit time, as outlined below.

Can I return or exchange my order?
Since all of our products are manufactured to order they are not returnable but if you are not happy our wonderful team of customer service agents is instructed to make you smile. Of course, if your items were damaged in shipping we will rush out replacements right away. And we know some packages get stolen these days so please let us know if you don't receive your order within six working days in the United States. International orders can take up to four weeks to arrive.

Is there a warranty on Frecklebox items?
We don't get many returns. We like to think our items will last at least several years and books that are properly cared for should last a lifetime. Just email us, let us know the issue and tell us what you think is reasonable.

What are your shipping options and charges?
Frecklebox offers two shipping options. The shipping cost is for your ENTIRE order, whether you order one book or 50. So, order on!

Standard freight is just $5.00. We will ship by USPS first class or UPS Mail Innovations. It might take a little while to get to you so please plan accordingly.

$10.00 for Express delivery which you will receive in 5 business days. I

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, we do not. Hopefully our business will grow enough that we can start doign this in 2024.

Can you show me what you do?
Frecklebox products are personalized before your very eyes. All of our work comes with a 100% thrill guarantee. If your gift doesn’t inspire great big smiles, we’ll gladly deliver a refund.

Would Frecklebox be interested in learning more about my idea?
Does the sun set in the West? Bring on the brilliance, baby.