get children to write more with personalized notebooks

get children to write more with personalized notebooks

We launched personalized notebooks at Frecklebox in 2009 

Getting kids to write more inspires creativity and self-worth.

Personalized notebooks can be a fantastic tool to encourage children to write more. Here are some strategies to make the most of them:


  1. Name on the Cover: Having their name on the cover makes the notebook feel special and unique to the child.
  2. Custom Designs: Choose a design that matches the child's interests, such as animals, sports, or fantasy themes.

Create a Writing Routine

  1. Daily Writing Time: Set aside a specific time each day for the child to write in their notebook.
  2. Writing Prompts: Provide daily or weekly writing prompts to give them ideas and inspiration.
  3. Reward System: Offer small rewards for completing writing tasks, such as stickers or extra playtime.

Encourage Creative Expression

  1. Free Writing: Allow the child to write freely about topics that interest them.
  2. Storytelling: Encourage them to create stories with characters and plotlines of their own.
  3. Illustrations: Include space for drawings to complement their written work.

Make it a Shared Activity

  1. Writing Together: Sit down with the child and write in your own notebook alongside them.
  2. Storytelling Games: Play storytelling games where each person contributes a sentence or paragraph to a story.
  3. Family Journal: Have a shared family journal where everyone contributes their thoughts and experiences.

Provide Positive Feedback

  1. Praise Effort: Encourage the child's writing efforts, focusing on their creativity and ideas rather than spelling or grammar.
  2. Display Their Work: Showcase their writing in a prominent place to show that their words are valued and important.

Use it as a Learning Tool

  1. Writing Practice: Use the notebook for handwriting practice, spelling, and grammar exercises.
  2. Learning Logs: Keep a log of new words, phrases, or concepts they learn in school or through reading.

Make Writing Fun

  1. Use Colorful Pens: Provide a variety of colorful pens or markers to make writing more engaging.
  2. Decorate the Notebook: Let the child decorate the cover with stickers, drawings, or other embellishments.

Capture Memories

  1. Journaling Events: Encourage the child to write about special events, holidays, or family vacations.
  2. Reflective Writing: Use the notebook for reflective writing, allowing the child to express their feelings and emotions.


Personalized notebooks can be a powerful tool to inspire children to write more. By creating a personalized and engaging writing experience, you can help foster a love for writing and storytelling in children.