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Classy Mommy video review for Sight Words
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Get Your Kids to Read – Frecklebox Co-Founders, Scott Feldman and Mark Sarpa, on View from the Bay
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Icefairy’s Treasure Chest
"I love personalized gifts because they can make the recipient feel so special and they create memories that might last a lifetime. "
A Couch With A View...
"Frecklebox has got to have seriously some of the best personalized items that I’ve ever seen" 
Living Life and Luvin’ it!
"Seriously, I know I’m not the the only one who struggles so hard to come up with a present for a child who, often times, I don’t know very well."
A Simple Kind of Life
"She is just thrilled to see her name in lights, if you will! She loves being the Princess too!"
Thrifty and Chic Mom – Living life, spending less
"We received the zoo book and on each page her name is hidden among the animals. She has a great time finding her name and proudly shows everyone where it is hidden."
Simply Being Mommy – Simply Living Life
"My first son, Rylan, is an animal fanatic. Not your typical dog and cat type animals, but lions, tigers, bears type animals. He has some mean lion impersonations!"
Running Away? I’ll help you pack!
"Cole just started Pre-K this year and just learned how to write and pick out his name. You should have seen his face light up when he saw his name on the cover." 
Busy Mom – helping make busy mom’s lives easier
"Frecklebox’s hard cover books are a great gift that can last a lifetime."
The Children’s Book Review: Earth Day Picks, 2009
"If ever there was a book that could encourage your child to take action in 'saving the planet', this is it."
Mama Sparkles – "Fun with Frecklebox"
"It has my son’s name on the cover and I was able to write my own dedication to him on the inside."
Baby Loving Mama – sharing all that moms love
"Something that you know they don’t already have. Something that shows you thought of them and only them when you picked it out. Something they can keep forever."
Chip Chicklets – "Frecklebox Personalized Story Books Make Your Child the Star"
"Your child’s name is input into the story and enhances the whole experience of a story before bedtime."
For Immediate Release Reviews – Kids!
"The personalized books from Frecklebox are completely different from my experience! High quality photos, interesting story lines and a seamless fitting of your child’s name on each and every page. Wow and double wow."
My Trendy Tykes "Turn those ordinary books into EXTRAORDINARY books..."
"The princess is only 4 but she is already starting to recognize her name on things so these books also serve as a great memory tool."
Tanya Peila blogspot — "Another great personlized gift idea!"
"We are very into personalized gifts this year especially since Little Man is learning to spell his name." — Family Keepsakes and Personalized Gifts for Grandchildren
"Your grandchild is put in the center of the story, as the vibrant pictures and accompanying narrative use his or her name..."
Frecklebox featured at
"There is nothing more exciting than watching your child’s face light up when seeing their name in print!"
Frecklebox featured on Swankymoms blogspot
"The next time your child has a birthday party, make them feel like a VIP with a fabulously personalized gift from Freckle Box!"
Now What Baby says "Make It Personal!"
"What child wouldn’t want to be the star of their books? What kid doesn’t like to have things that are just for them?"
Tutus & Turtles blogspot
"Now that we own our own Nature Namebooks, I think I may have discovered one of my favorite kiddo items ever."
Press release about Frecklebox website launch Launches to Deliver Personalized Gifts for Kids