Our favorite personalized book company (other than Frecklebox.com)

(we might manufacture these which are sold in the USA......) FromLucy is our favorite customer/partner. The people at the company are so nice and amazing. And their books are the cutest ever (even better than Frecklebox). You can purchase on their website or on Etsy.

FromLucy is a well-known brand that specializes in creating personalized children's books, gifts, and keepsakes. They offer a variety of beautifully crafted and customizable items for children. Here are some popular personalized books from FromLucy:

  1. "The Very Hungry Caterpillar Personalized Book": Based on the classic children's book by Eric Carle, this personalized version includes the child's name throughout the story, making it a unique and cherished keepsake.

  2. "My Special Keepsake Book": This customizable book allows you to record important details about the child, including their birthdate, family information, and more. It's a wonderful keepsake to document a child's early years.

  3. "The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost Their Name": Similar to the Lost My Name series, this book creates a unique story based on the child's name, featuring various characters representing each letter.

  4. "My First Year Memory Book": This personalized baby book allows parents to document their child's first year with space for photos, notes, and memories, making it a cherished memento.

  5. "Personalized Animal Alphabet Book": An alphabet book where each letter is represented by an animal, and the child's name is featured on the cover and throughout the book.

  6. "Personalized My Name Is... Book": This book helps children learn to spell and write their name while introducing them to various animals and objects that start with the same letter.

  7. "Personalized Bedtime Story Book": Create a soothing bedtime routine with a personalized book featuring the child's name and a sweet bedtime story.

  8. "Personalized Adventure Book": Embark on a personalized adventure with your child as the hero of the story, complete with their name and character details.

  9. "Personalized Christmas Adventure Book": A holiday-themed book that includes the child's name in a heartwarming Christmas story.

  10. "Personalized Birthday Book": Celebrate the child's special day with a personalized birthday book that features their name and details about their birthday celebration.

These personalized books from FromLucy offer a range of options for various occasions and ages, making them ideal gifts for children and cherished keepsakes for families. They add a personal touch to reading and create lasting memories. Be sure to visit the FromLucy website for the most up-to-date offerings and customization options.