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Personalized Books My Name is. Our offering is here. MY NAME IS

We hope you like it and know that special child will want to read it over and over again since they will see their name on every page. Made in the USA.

Creating personalized books with the theme "My Name Is" can be a wonderful way to engage children, helping them recognize and learn their names while enjoying a fun story. Here’s how you can create and distribute personalized "My Name Is" books:

Steps to Create a Personalized "My Name Is" Book

  1. Story Development

    • Plot Outline: Develop a simple, engaging storyline that revolves around the child discovering and celebrating their name. The plot can include the child finding their name in various fun and educational contexts.
    • Personalization Elements: Incorporate placeholders for the child’s name, appearance, and other customizable details.
  2. Illustrations

    • Characters and Scenes: Create illustrations that feature the child in different scenes related to learning and discovering their name.
    • Customization: Allow for personalized illustrations that reflect the child’s appearance (e.g., hair color, skin tone).
  3. Writing the Text

    • Interactive Narrative: Write a narrative that is interactive and includes the child’s name prominently throughout the book.
    • Educational Elements: Include elements that help with letter recognition and spelling of the child’s name.
  4. Designing the Book

    • Template Design: Create a template for the book that can easily accommodate the personalized elements.
    • Page Layout: Ensure the text and illustrations are well-integrated and visually appealing.
  5. Online Personalization Tool

    • User Interface: Develop an online tool where users can input the child’s name, appearance, and other customizable details.
    • Real-Time Preview: Provide a preview feature so users can see what the personalized book will look like before purchasing.

Example Personalized "My Name Is" Book

Story Outline

Title: "My Name Is [Child’s Name]"


  1. Introduction: [Child’s Name] wakes up excited to learn about their name.
  2. Name Discovery: The child finds their name in various places such as on a toy, in a book, or written in the sand.
  3. Name Adventure: [Child’s Name] embarks on an adventure where they find each letter of their name in different fun scenarios.
  4. Conclusion: The story ends with [Child’s Name] proudly writing their name and celebrating its uniqueness.

Sample Page:

"Hello, [Child’s Name]! Today, we're going on an adventure to discover your amazing name. Let's find the first letter, 'A', in the alphabet jungle!"

Customization Details

  1. Name: Input the child’s name to be used throughout the story.
  2. Appearance: Customize the illustrations to reflect the child’s hair color, skin tone, and any distinctive features.
  3. Special Features: Include options to add other details, such as the child’s favorite color or a special message from the giver.

Distribution of Personalized "My Name Is" Books

  1. Website and Online Store

    • Product Page: Create a product page for the personalized "My Name Is" book, showcasing the customization options and a sample preview.
    • Personalization Tool: Integrate the online personalization tool on the product page.
    • Purchase and Download: Offer options for physical book printing and shipping, as well as digital downloads (PDF or eBook formats).