The best Personalized books for kids and adults

We think Frecklebox books are the best Personalized Books for kids and adults but we just want all people to have personalized books. If you don't like ours here are some other options.


Personalized books can be a wonderful gift for both kids and adults, allowing them to become part of the story and create a unique reading experience. Here are some of the best personalized books for both age groups:

For Kids:

  1. "The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost Their Name" by Wonderbly: This book takes children on a personalized adventure to find the missing letters of their name. It's beautifully illustrated and sparks their imagination.

  2. "Lost My Name" by Wonderbly: Similar to the previous book, "Lost My Name" creates a personalized story based on the child's name. It features engaging illustrations and a magical journey to reclaim their name.

  3. "My Very Own Name" by I See Me!: This book introduces children to the letters of their name through an animal-themed story. Each animal corresponds to a letter, teaching them about spelling and animals simultaneously.

  4. "The Super, Incredible Big Brother/Sister" by I See Me!: If a child has become an older sibling, this personalized book celebrates their new role with a superhero-themed adventure. It includes their name and photo, making them feel special during this significant transition.

For Adults:

  1. "The Book of Everyone" by The Book of Everyone: This personalized book celebrates an individual's life by including interesting facts, statistics, and personalized messages. It's a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions.

  2. "Letters to My Future Self" by Lea Redmond: This interactive book allows adults to write letters to their future selves. It includes prompts and spaces to fill in, creating a meaningful and reflective experience.

  3. "Your Special Moments" by Mixbook: This personalized photo book allows you to create a collection of cherished memories and special moments. You can add photos, captions, and customize the layout to create a unique keepsake.

  4. "The Personalized Anniversary Journal" by Uncommon Goods: Ideal for couples celebrating their anniversaries, this journal includes prompts and space to document memories, milestones, and experiences throughout their relationship.

Remember to consider the recipient's interests and preferences when choosing a personalized book. These options should provide a starting point, but there are many more available in the market to suit different tastes and occasions.