Wholesale opportunities

Certainly we realize other retailers may be able to sell many more of our wonderful products than we can so we do offer a wholesale program.

Since we already sell lots of products in the holidays we do require non-holiday sales for you to have a wholesale discount. 

Here are our rules to qualify for wholesale:

Non holiday sales (all amounts are the net revenue to us after discounts and do not include freight):

Average less than $100 per month (January - October): 20% discount

Average $101 - $250 per month (January - October): 25% discount

Average $251 - $500 per month (January - October): 30% discount

Over $501 - $1,999 per month (January - October): 35% discount

Average $2,000 or more per month (January - October):    40% discount

When you start as a reseller we ask that you contact us at info@frecklebox.com and ask for a discount code. Please explain how and where you will resell our products. We will create the 20% off coupon specific to you. We will give you three months (non-holiday) to reach your minimums for larger discounts.

Freight is flat rate the same as consumers.

A discount will be created specific to you and it is critical that you use this. This is how you can earn higher discounts in the future.  If you plan on selling more than $2,000 (after discounts) please contact us. We do have other programs for major resellers and you may have already seen our products at Things Remembered or Garnet Hill. Thanks for reviewing this.