Pirate Box Book - frecklebox
Pirate Box Book - frecklebox Pirate Box Book for boys Pirate Box Book personalized for boys

Jump aboard the pirate ship with our customized "The Pirate Magic Box" written by Julia Dweck. In this humorous quest to protect magical golden freckles alongside swashbuckling Captain Frecklebeard, you are sure to have an adventure to remember! Your brave pirate will feel special to have their name printed on their very own book. Create lasting memories while they practice independence during quiet time, or go on the adventure together. This is sure to become a repeat at story time, and you can rest assure as it is printed using the latest technology printers in the United States. Also eco-friendly, and printed on recycled paper, you can be proud to gift any little adventurer this personalized book! You will find it comes in both soft and hardcover, for your preferred style. Personalized books make for unique gifts! No matter how far you may be, the loved child in your life can be reminded just how much you care.