Race Car Puzzle

Our personalized Race Car Puzzle's entertaining design will delight your child for hours on end.

This 20 piece puzzle will help them learn how to spell their name and give them hours of fun. You can even pick the number. Both the name and number appear painted on the side of the car.

This quilted owls design is printed on a label stock, which is laminated for increased durability, then adhered to a 1/16" chipboard. After die-cutting, the puzzle pieces are placed on a soft polyester cloud inside a kraft paper box, ready for giving to that special someone.

Trimmed Size: 9.5 x 7.5

Puzzle Paper Stock: 1/16" chipboard
Paper Box Stock: kraft

30 pieces


For a personalized race car puzzle, you can consider the following options:

  1. Design: Choose a vibrant and exciting race car design for the puzzle. You can have a track with multiple race cars, or a single race car speeding to the finish line.

  2. Personalization: Add the name or initials of the person you're creating the puzzle for. This can be integrated into the design, such as on the side of the race car or in a corner of the puzzle.

  3. Number of Pieces: Decide on the number of pieces for the puzzle based on the age and skill level of the person who will be assembling it. For children, a puzzle with fewer pieces (e.g., 25-50 pieces) may be more suitable, while adults may enjoy a more challenging puzzle with more pieces (e.g., 500 pieces).

  4. Material: Select a durable material for the puzzle pieces, such as high-quality cardboard or wood, to ensure that they can be assembled and disassembled multiple times without wearing out.

  5. Size: Determine the size of the puzzle based on the complexity of the design and the intended age group. A larger puzzle with bigger pieces may be easier for younger children, while a smaller puzzle with smaller pieces may be more challenging for older children and adults.

  6. Finish: Choose a glossy or matte finish for the puzzle pieces, depending on your preference. A glossy finish can add shine and vibrancy to the puzzle, while a matte finish can give it a more classic and sophisticated look.

  7. Packaging: Consider packaging the puzzle in a personalized box or tin to make it a complete and memorable gift. You can also include a picture of the completed puzzle on the box to serve as a guide for assembling it.

Once you have these details sorted out, you can either create the puzzle design yourself if you're artistically inclined, or you can work with a graphic designer or puzzle manufacturer to bring your personalized race car puzzle to life.