Easter, the most underrated holiday.

In my opinion, Easter is the most underrated holiday. Easter does not get the same level of attention as Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I feel that it should be considered on the same level as those holidays. I am a total morning person, so this argument probably does not apply to a lot of you, but I love how we wake up and celebrate Easter right away. Christmas has this going for it as well, but I always get impatient waiting around for Thanksgiving dinner. I don't like waiting for food, what can I say. Seriously though, it is nice (for me at least) to get to spend time with family and friends in the morning, because that is when I am at my best.

Easter is great for many reasons, but my favorite reason is that it is not centered around gifts or a meal. Yes, we indulge on Easter and the kids eat candy, but in my family we do not have a focus on one large meal. We do breakfast together, but it is fairly casual and we don't all sit around one big table, we walk around and mingle with everyone. It feels like a low pressure holiday because we can all relax and talk without there being one big thing going on. It is nice to get to spend quality time with family in a more casual setting, and Easter provides that in my family. I hope you all had a very happy Easter!

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