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Best Baby Books

Getting this type of book will make you the favorite gift giver. These personalized books for children all feature the child's name and parent and children will have these treasured keepsakes for years. A custom dedication is in every book so you can give that child and parent lasting memories of your thoughtfulness.


Here are some of our favorite books / gifts for babies.

These three books are our favorite for newborns. The Welcome to the World personalized book is an adorable and beautifully illustrated book by FromLucy (our partner). The illustrations are amazing and you will love the story.

The My Name is book was the book that launched Frecklebox back in April of 2008. It features the child learning to spell their name and children and adults will love the beautiful photography and be amazed at how the child's name appears in nature.

This is How I Love you is a special book which demonstrates the love between and mom and her child. All parents and children will love this book.


All books are manufactured in the USA.