Presents for 2 year old boys

Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys

10 little heroes book

He’s rough and rowdy and growing up quick! Your 2 year old boy will love any of the items specifically picked out for him. Watch him grow and become independent while having a blast. Toddlers have big personalities and here you will gift ideas for 2 year old boys and beyond.

You can rest easy as you give your ‘big boy’ one of these safe products. Two year olds are learning how to use silverware, and that can be very messy, as you know. Help keep things clean with an airplane placemat. He can make airplane noises as his spoon finds his mouth with every bite. Take his toys on a camping adventure as he uses his camping themed stickers to go inside a homemade fort. Build his imagination with story books sure to draw his attention. The vibrant colors on every page will keep him entertained or help him get ready for bed. Each gift is printed and created with the highest quality as we know how little boys tend to play with their belongings. Whether you are nearby or far away, the little boy in your life will be jumping for joy to receive a special gift from you. Although they might not be able to spell their name out yet, they are more than ready to start recognizing their name. Personalize every gift with their name to make it extra special.

Our favorite gifts for 2 year old boys

Airplanes Personalized Placemat
Airplane placemat
10 Little Heroes Book
10 little heroes book
Spark his imagination with this Airplanes personalized placemat. He will pretend he is the pilot and his fork is an airplane as he enjoys meal time.


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He is your little hero and you are his. Give him this ’10 Little Heroes’ story book and make him smile. He will love going on this funny adventure with twists and turns.


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Camping Out Personalized Stickers
Personalized bugs stickers
Starline Train Placemat
Train decorated placement mat

Get him excited for an upcoming camping adventure with these personalized camping out stickers. He will love seeing his name on each one and putting them on his favorite toys.



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As he is learning to eat, you’ll love this starline train placemat. Allow him to practice hand eye coordination while still having an easy clean up.


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