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Personalized Bookmark Designs

Bookmark designs

Just for girls bookmarks

Inspire a child’s imagination in story time with a personalized bookmark. A story book and a bookmark go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here you will find your perfect spot keeper. Whether you are a parent, relative, or friend, you can be proud to give them a bookmark knowing it will help their imaginations grow.

Watch them develop as they spend quiet time snuggled up with their favorite story book. Bookmarks are necessary for creating the most enjoyable reading experience. It can be a waste of valuable time, and a frustration to search for where you left off. Each bookmark themed set comes with 5 different bookmarks. Styles for boys, such as flaming Rock and Roll bookmarks containing skateboards, guitars, and skulls. Quilted owl bookmarks for the smart little owl. And trendy Just for Girls sets, including butterflies, flowers, and sunglasses. Themes for both boys and girls, this is your one stop shop. A great way to check off your school supply list with personalized products. 5 quality bookmarks will travel with your child through the school year and beyond. Customize each bookmark with their name to make them feel extra special. Printed using high quality ink, these colors will not fade as they are used in book after book. Bookmarks also make great party gifts. Wow your party guests with an individualized bookmark set for every attendee.


Our favorite bookmark designs

Just for Girls Bookmarks
Just for girls bookmarks
Dinosaur Adventure 2 Bookmarks
Velociraptor bookmark
Girls just want to have fun—and read! Designs specially picked out for girls that come in pink, purple, flowers, and more. She will love reading as she gets to use a personalized bookmark.


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Your dinosaur adventurer will roar for these Dinosaur Adventure 2 personalized bookmarks. They will love taking some to school and keeping a few at home. 

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Rock and Roll Bookmarks
Rock and roll bookmarks
Quilted Owls Bookmarks
Quilted owl bookmark

Your rock star will love these Rock and Roll personalized bookmarks. Skateboards, guitars, and flames will bring out the adventurer within as they read their favorite books.


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These cute owls make a great addition to your child’s story time. Watch their vocabulary expand as they use these stylish bookmarks. With 5 in a set, even the busiest readers will have plenty place holders.


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