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Gifts for Baby Girls especially ones with unique girls names

Gifts for Baby Girls

A hug for a book

She is sugar, spice, and everything nice. Shower the baby girl in your life with a special Frecklebox gift. You will find items in this category specifically for her. We put them all in one place to save your precious time. You will find gifts for her to use during all different times of the day. Story time is a necessary step in any bedtime routine. Prepare your baby girl for a full night of sleep as she is lulled by a Frecklebox story book. Grandma and Grandpa are two special people in her life! Send your granddaughter ‘A Hug from Grandma and Grandpa’ for bedtime. Meal time is messy, especially for a baby. Use a fun cupcake themed placemat for easy clean up. She will love looking at all of the bright colors. As she is discovering different textures, stickers are fun for education and play. With colorful designs such as unicorns, she will be thrilled to stick them on a piece of paper (and on herself) to make a picture. All gifts are made to be personalized with her name on them. Baby girls are so lovable, and she is sure to love and enjoy her special gift too.

Our favorite gifts for baby girls

A Hug For
Our favorite gifts for baby girl
Cupcakes Placemat
cupcake placemat
In this adorable book, Grandparents let their grandbabies know they are loved and will always be welcomed with a hug.


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Let your baby girl have fun while eating with our Cupcakes Personalized Placemat.

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First in Show Personalized Stickers
First in show stickers
Happy Birthday Book
Happy Birthday Book

The First In Show Personalized Stickers  for baby girls is great for arts and crafts, decorating toys, and much more!

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Make the baby girl's birthday the most special one yet by taking them through the story of finding the perfect cake! 

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