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gifts for kids who have everything

gifts for kids who have everything

Choosing gifts for kids who seem to have everything can be a challenging task. The key is to find unique, creative, and meaningful presents that offer experiences or opportunities for learning and growth. Here are some ideas that are sure to delight:

1. Personalized Storybooks

  • Why It's Special: Personalized storybooks put the child at the center of the story, making reading a magical experience.
  • Where to Find: Wonderbly, Frecklebox

2. Subscription Boxes

  • Why It's Special: Subscription boxes provide ongoing fun and learning with themed activities, books, and crafts delivered monthly.
  • Examples: KiwiCo (STEM projects), Little Passports (geography and culture), OwlCrate Jr. (books and bookish goodies).

3. Experience Gifts

  • Why It's Special: Experiences create lasting memories and offer something new and exciting.
  • Ideas: Museum memberships, zoo passes, tickets to a show or event, cooking or art classes.

4. Educational Kits and Toys

  • Why It's Special: These gifts are both fun and educational, promoting learning through play.
  • Examples: STEM kits, coding robots, science experiment kits, building sets.

5. Customized Art Supplies

  • Why It's Special: Encourage creativity with personalized art supplies.
  • Ideas: Custom sketchbooks, personalized crayon sets, art kits with their name on them.

6. Outdoor Adventure Gear

  • Why It's Special: Encourage outdoor play and adventure.
  • Ideas: Camping gear, gardening kits, binoculars for bird watching, outdoor sports equipment.

7. Personalized Puzzles

  • Why It's Special: Custom puzzles featuring their name or photo add a personal touch to puzzle time.
  • Where to Find: Frecklebox, Zazzle

8. DIY Craft Kits

  • Why It's Special: DIY kits offer hands-on creativity and fun.
  • Examples: Jewelry making kits, DIY pottery sets, sewing kits for beginners.

9. Books with Interactive Elements

  • Why It's Special: Interactive books engage kids in new ways, from pop-up books to those with sound and touch elements.
  • Examples: "Press Here" by Hervé Tullet, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" touch and feel book.

10. Customized Clothing and Accessories

  • Why It's Special: Personalized clothing items make kids feel unique and special.
  • Ideas: Custom T-shirts, backpacks with their name, personalized hoodies.

11. Science and Nature Exploration Kits

  • Why It's Special: Spark a love for science and nature with exploration kits.
  • Examples: Bug catching kits, rock and mineral sets, star gazing kits with telescopes.

12. Music Lessons or Instruments

  • Why It's Special: Foster a love for music with lessons or beginner-friendly instruments.
  • Ideas: Ukuleles, keyboards, introductory music lessons.

13. Personalized Games

  • Why It's Special: Turn classic games into something personal and unique.
  • Examples: Custom board games, personalized playing cards, custom memory games.

14. Cooking and Baking Kits for Kids

  • Why It's Special: Encourage culinary skills and creativity in the kitchen.
  • Examples: Baking kits, kid-friendly cookbooks, personalized aprons and utensils.

By choosing thoughtful and unique gifts that cater to the child’s interests and curiosity, you can make even the most seasoned gift recipient feel special and excited.