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gifts for kids who like to draw

gifts for kids who like to draw

For kids who love to draw, selecting gifts that enhance their creative abilities and provide them with new tools and inspiration can be incredibly rewarding. Here are some fantastic gift ideas for young artists:

1. High-Quality Art Supplies

  • Why It's Special: Professional-grade supplies can inspire and improve their art.
  • Ideas:
    • Prismacolor colored pencils
    • Copic markers
    • High-quality watercolor paints
    • Sketching pencils and charcoal sets

2. Personalized Sketchbooks

  • Why It's Special: A sketchbook with their name or a custom design adds a personal touch.
  • Where to Find: Frecklebox, Etsy

3. Drawing Tablets

  • Why It's Special: Introduces them to digital art and enhances their skills with technology.
  • Examples:
    • Wacom Intuos
    • Huion drawing tablets
    • Apple iPad with Apple Pencil

4. Art Classes or Workshops

  • Why It's Special: Professional guidance can expand their skills and creativity.
  • Ideas:
    • Local art schools or community centers
    • Online platforms like Skillshare, Outschool, or Udemy

5. DIY Art Kits

  • Why It's Special: Provides all the materials needed for specific projects, encouraging new techniques and mediums.
  • Examples:
    • Pottery painting kits
    • DIY screen printing kits
    • Tie-dye kits
    • Origami kits

6. Art Books

  • Why It's Special: Offers inspiration and guidance with step-by-step tutorials.
  • Ideas:
    • "Drawing with Children" by Mona Brookes
    • "You Can Draw in 30 Days" by Mark Kistler
    • "The Art of Pixar" series

7. Easel and Art Desk

  • Why It's Special: A dedicated space for creating art can enhance their focus and comfort.
  • Examples:
    • Adjustable wooden easels
    • Art desks with storage compartments
    • Portable easels for outdoor sketching

8. Custom Art Prints

  • Why It's Special: Seeing their art professionally printed can be incredibly rewarding.
  • Where to Find: StationeryHQ, Printful

9. Light Boxes for Tracing

  • Why It's Special: Great for practicing drawing skills and transferring designs.
  • Examples:
    • LED light pads
    • Portable light boxes

10. Craft Supplies for Mixed Media

  • Why It's Special: Encourages experimentation with different textures and materials.
  • Ideas:
    • Mod Podge and collage materials
    • Fabric markers and paints
    • Clay and sculpting tools

11. Art-Themed Games and Puzzles

  • Why It's Special: Combines fun with creativity.
  • Examples:
    • Art history puzzles
    • Drawing charades
    • Color theory games

12. Monthly Art Subscription Boxes

  • Why It's Special: Provides regular deliveries of new art supplies and projects.
  • Examples:
    • SketchBox
    • ArtSnacks
    • Paletteful Packs

13. Art Display Frames and Storage

  • Why It's Special: Helps them showcase and organize their artwork.
  • Ideas:
    • Gallery-style frames with easy-change fronts
    • Portfolios for storing and protecting drawings
    • Display cables and clips for a rotating gallery

14. Portable Art Kits

  • Why It's Special: Perfect for on-the-go creativity.
  • Examples:
    • Travel watercolor sets
    • Sketching kits with carrying cases
    • Compact art supply kits

15. Art-Themed Clothing and Accessories

  • Why It's Special: Celebrate their passion with wearable art.
  • Ideas:
    • T-shirts with famous artworks
    • Aprons with their own designs
    • Custom art-themed jewelry

By selecting gifts that cater to their artistic interests, you can encourage their creativity and help them develop their skills in new and exciting ways.