Mark Sarpa, CEO

Hi. I am Mark.

Hi, I am Mark, the CEO of

And yes I like to wear interesting clothes. In fact I would buy everything Shinesty sells if my wife ever allows it. is based in Fremont, California and we are a team of about 30 people that really want to make you and children and grandchildren smile all around the world.

We work really hard to make your orders quick and perfect right her in San Jose. If you are in the area please stop by and visit and we will show you how we make things and if you are bringing kids please let us know their name before you come and we will try to have something special waiting for them. is part of Neuron Publishing LLC and our other website is which serves graphic designers. We are a digital printing company which was founded in 1990. We started serving consumers in 2004 by producing birth announcements for TinyPrints. All products are made in the USA.

We try to do things right and when we have an issue we will try to make it right. Our awesome customer service team is waiting to make you smile. Contact theme HERE and I am copied on all emails and you can always ask for Mark's attention or if you want to reach me directly just email