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Personalized coloring books with names

 Frecklebox has had coloring books with name since 2009 and we manufacture them in the United States.

Personalized coloring books with names are a wonderful way to make children feel special and engaged. Here are some options where you can get personalized coloring books featuring the child's name:

Online Stores for Personalized Coloring Books

  1. Frecklebox

    • Website: Frecklebox
    • Description: Frecklebox offers a variety of personalized coloring books where you can include the child's name on every page. They have different themes such as dinosaurs, fairies, and more.
  2. I See Me!

    • Website: I See Me!
    • Description: I See Me! offers personalized coloring books that incorporate the child's name throughout the book. They have various themes, including holidays, adventures, and animals.
  3. Personalized Planet

    • Website: Personalized Planet
    • Description: Personalized Planet provides a selection of personalized coloring books that can include the child’s name on each page.
  4. Put Me In The Story

    • Website: Put Me In The Story
    • Description: This site offers personalized coloring and storybooks, featuring the child's name and sometimes even a photo.

DIY Methods for Creating Personalized Coloring Books

  1. Use Free Coloring Page Generators and Editors:

    • Websites like Super Coloring and Coloring Book Maker allow you to create and personalize coloring pages. You can download these pages and use graphic design software to add the child’s name.
  2. Canva:

    • Website: Canva
    • Description: Canva offers templates for coloring pages. You can customize these templates by adding the child’s name and other elements to make them personalized.

Steps to Create Personalized Coloring Books

  1. Choose a Theme:

    • Decide on a theme that the child will love, such as animals, fairies, cars, or superheroes.
  2. Gather Images:

    • Download free or purchased coloring pages that fit the theme.
  3. Edit and Personalize:

    • Use graphic design software (e.g., Canva, Adobe Illustrator) to add the child’s name to each page. You can place the name within the coloring designs or as part of the page header/footer.
  4. Compile and Print:

    • Arrange the personalized pages in a sequence to form a book. Print them at home or at a local print shop.
  5. Bind the Book:

    • Bind the printed pages using methods like stapling, spiral binding, or creating a simple DIY book binding.
  6. Add a Personalized Cover:

    • Design a cover for the book featuring the child's name and a title. Print and attach it to the front.

Example of Personalized Coloring Book Pages

Using Canva, you can create a personalized coloring book page in just a few steps:

  1. Go to Canva.
  2. Search for "Coloring Pages" and select a template.
  3. Customize the template by adding the child's name.
  4. Download the finished page as a PDF or image file.
  5. Repeat for each page of the coloring book.

Benefits of Personalized Coloring Books

  1. Enhances Engagement:

    • Children are more likely to be engaged and excited about coloring when they see their name on the pages.
  2. Boosts Self-Esteem:

    • Personalized books make children feel special and valued.
  3. Encourages Creativity:

    • Personalized coloring books encourage children to express their creativity and imagination.
  4. Makes a Unique Gift:

    • These books make unique and thoughtful gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.


Personalized coloring books with names are a fantastic way to create a memorable and engaging experience for children. Whether you purchase them from a specialized retailer or create them yourself using online tools, these books are sure to delight any child.