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Todd Parr Designs personalized gifts

Todd Parr Designs

Animal Sticker

Bright. Vibrant. Playful. Todd Parr designs are sure to wow any child. The fun contrast of colors he chooses makes every design a masterpiece. Your child will love using one of the gifts in this category. His work is placed on many different gifts to help you find the exact one you are looking for. Make your child’s day brighter with one of Todd Parr’s designs. Stickers are multi-purpose and can be used for fun in all sorts of situations. Use to decorate a toy or complete a sticker chart. Your child will love deciding where to place the giraffe, deer, horse, and monkey. You will also find amazing designs such as the one on our classic tin lunch box, ‘Eat Here.’ The child in your life will get excited to find out what is inside his vibrant lunchbox each day. Doggie puzzles and baby book designs are great for quiet and family time activities. Bond over a bright blue ‘Valentine Dog’ puzzle with an adorable dog in the middle surrounded by x’s and o’s. Or complete activities together in Todd Parr’s ‘Really Cool Baby Book.’ All gifts are customizable and you can put the name of your special child on any Todd Parr design. 

Our favorite Todd Parr designed  

Todd Parr Animals Personalized Stickers
todd parr animal stickers
Eat Here Lunchbox
eat here lunchbox
Todd Parr Animal Personalized Stickers are great for toy and binder decorations, invitations, envelope seals, and even more!


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The Eat Here Personalized Lunch Box, designed by Todd Parr, is great for your child to take to school or keep as treasure chest at home. 


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Pet Valentine Dog Puzzle
Valentine Dog Puzzle
Really Cool Baby Book
Really cool baby book

Our Todd Parr Valentine Dog Personalized Puzzle features the dog Pete and will keep any little girl or boy entertained.

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A Really Cool Baby Book by Todd Parr is about your child! It is interactive for parents and kids to work at together using a Sharpie or a ball point pen.


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