wonderbly lost my name

When Wonderbly lost my name launched I knew we had a formidable new competitor. Frecklebox launched four years earlier in 2008.

The first thing we noticed (and were jealous of) was how amazing their illustrators were. We hoped that their amazing books would dramatically grow the market of personalized books for kids. Even though we were first we thought we could ride on their coattails.

Wonderbly, formerly known as Lost My Name, was launched in 2012. The company was founded by Asi Sharabi, Tal Oron, and David Cadji-Newby with the goal of creating personalized children's books that spark imagination and creativity. Wonderbly quickly gained popularity for its innovative approach to storytelling and has since expanded its range of personalized books to include a variety of themes and customization options.

Wonderbly has continued to grow and Tal Oron even visited us at Frecklebox to speak about partnering where we would manufacture their books and they might take over our brand. Who knows what the future might bring but we wish them continued success.