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Our Rev-It-Up coloring book will bring smiles to children from 3 to 93. Everyone likes to see their name which is featured in multiple fonts on every page of this fun personalized coloring book. 

These coloring pages will entertain children and adults for hours!

Each book is 8.5" x 11" and has 20 pages plus a color cover and they are printed and manufactured in the USA at our facility in Fremont, California.

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For a personalized coloring book gift focused on vehicles for kids, you can consider the "Rev-It-Up Personalized Coloring Book." Here are some options where you might find such a coloring book:

  1. Online personalized gift stores: Websites like Shutterfly, Personalization Mall, and Minted offer customizable coloring books for kids. They often have a variety of themes to choose from, including vehicle-themed coloring books. You can personalize the coloring book by adding the child's name and even include their own photo or illustrations. Look for coloring books that feature different types of vehicles like cars, trucks, planes, boats, and more.

  2. Specialty children's bookstores: Explore specialty children's bookstores or toy stores in your area. They may have a selection of personalized coloring books that include vehicle themes. Check with the store staff or search their online catalogs to find personalized coloring books that focus specifically on vehicles and can be customized with the child's name.

  3. Independent artists or Etsy sellers: Consider reaching out to independent artists or sellers on platforms like Etsy who specialize in personalized coloring books. They often create unique and customizable coloring books that can be tailored to the child's interests. Communicate with the artist or seller to discuss your vision for a vehicle-themed coloring book and provide any specific personalization details you would like to include.

Remember to consider factors such as the quality of the paper and printing, customization options, pricing, and customer reviews when selecting a provider for a personalized coloring book gift. It's helpful to review sample images or previous work to ensure the coloring book meets your expectations in terms of design and personalization.