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First Day Of Spring!

Happy first day of spring everyone! We certainly are happy to hopefully be ending what has been a pretty rough winter here in Northern California. We've had a winter full of flooding, possible dam breaks, mudslides, road closures, and whole bunch more bleh. But today is a good unofficial way to leave all that nastiness in the past and get ready for some beautiful California Poppy flowers, beach days, and warm breezes. We certainly hope that wherever you are has had a less miserable winter than we have and that spring is coming into bloom for you as well. I believe that the first day of spring can be very uplifting and exciting because of all the good times right around the corner. With spring (and summer) come Easter, graduations, weddings, the Fourth of July, and just good things in general. So here's to hoping that the first day of spring brings a smile to your face and that smile does not go away until next winter!

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