The Funny Thing About Spring

Worse Before Better

Yesterday, I wrote a post about how it was the first day of spring and that I was excited for the nice weather and fun times that are coming. The other thing about yesterday was that it absolutely dumped rain here in San Jose, CA. We were coming off a week of mid-70s and sunshine, and on the first day of spring, we got dumped on. I was thinking to myself, "well this sucks" when I thought about the whole "it gets worse before it gets better" idea. I realized that last year we hardly had to deal with any rain at all, but the lakes were empty, we had water restrictions, and all our plants were dying. I thought about how we get to have fun times in our lives as a result of doing things that kind of suck. We don't get to go on cool vacations if we don't work hard enough to afford them, we don't get to be in good shape unless we exercise and eat healthy, and we don't get a beautiful summer without a bummer of a winter (I mean maybe where you live but not here). Having kids is a truly wonderful thing, but (I'm a guy so this is just a guess) being pregnant probably totally blows. You do all of these things that are not exactly fun so that when you get to the fun stuff, you really appreciate it. So, for that reason I still am very excited about spring because I've had to deal with this totally bogus winter. 


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