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Hi Mom, thank you, I am sorry, and I love you. - The best gift for mother's day 2018

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Mother's day 2018 is less than 30 days away. This was the best gift I gave my mom and it might help or inspire you to get (or write) the best gift for mother's day 2018. This article is called "Hi mom, thank you, I am sorry, and I love you." I wrote a couple of years ago on my personal blog in the hope that it might help a few men out there who struggle with gift ideas for ideas. Writing this was cathartic for me. It made me think of all the sacrifice my mother did for our family. It can be hard to recognize the wonderful things in your parents that we would celebrate in others.

Here is the blog post:

As mother's day approaches and men struggle with the "what should I do thoughts". As men, we never think a card and flowers are enough. We struggle to think of gifts she will like and this causes us stress. I tried to think of what does my mom really want. I believe my mom (and most moms) really just want time and appreciation.

This my best attempt. To write down what we admire and really appreciate about our moms.

Here is my list of "thank yous" to my mom. I encourage you to do this for yours.

  1. Thank you for moving us to California
  2. Thank you for staying married to dad (what a saint.....)
  3. Thank you for picking me up when I got a concussion in high school baseball
  4. Thank you for supporting me when dad wanted to kick me out of the house for buying a motorcycle
  5. Thank you for letting me move back in after college
  6. Thank you for all the things I don't remember that you did for me and our family.

Here is my list of "I am sorry".

  1. I am sorry for the messes I created
  2. I am sorry you had to pick me up after I was caught for shoplifting in 7th grade.
  3. I am sorry for buying a motorcycle (not really, but now I know how much you must have worried)
  4. I am sorry my brother and sister weren't as perfect as me (you didn't think this would be all nice. just seeing if you are still reading)
  5. I am sorry for being a brat at A&W Rootbeer when I was five (yes I remember that even if you don't)
  6. I am sorry for torturing my sister
  7. I am sorry for all the things I did that I don't remember (but should be sorry for)

Here is my list of "I love you".

  1. I love you for showing me what commitment looks like in a marriage.
  2. I love you for always caring about me.
  3. I love you for always being so interested in the stuff I am doing
  4. I love you for tolerating dad
  5. I love you for not smoking while pregnant with me (even though a doctor told you to. It was the 60s)
  6. I love you for sharing the words your grandmother said on your wedding day (it inspires me and makes me laugh).
  7. Mostly I love you just for being my mom.

Happy mother's day and I will see you later.

I hope this inspires you to write a letter to your mom. It might be the best gift you have ever given her. And if you really want to impress her and you cannot be with her on mother's day write her a handwritten letter.  Or (here comes the shameless plug for our products), order her a personalized journal from Ship it to yourself and write these thoughts on the last few pages of the journal and give it to her in person or by post. She will treasure this her entire life.

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