Slime is more than good gooey fun

Slime is more than good gooey fun.

Is your kid completely taken by the slime craze? To them it's just gooey fun, but what they don't know is how it's got some benefits, too. Most children naturally want to dig in and make messes. This sense of discovery and wonder are what helps kids develop the skills they need as the grow up. In fact, kids of all ages will love playing with homemade slime -- from eight to 80!

Step by step
Making their own slime teaches kids how to be independent makers and thinkers. Children will learn to make something on their own and follow detailed instructions, just like reading a recipe. Do it yourself projects build confidence and allow kids an outlet to be creative. Kids that are old enough to handle a DIY project on their own will also benefit from time spent alone. Working on something solo develops concentration and teaches kids to trust their choices. And how about the sense of accomplishment when they finish a project? DIY for the win!

Sneaky learning
Sensory play is very beneficial as it allows kiddos to use all of their senses. Well, maybe not taste, unless edible slime is on the menu! Young ones navigate their way through the world by using their senses. Even before they're able to express their thoughts or feelings with speech, kids take it all in like little sponges and make decisions for themselves. Digging in and playing with something tangible like slime stimulates the brain and helps kids process information. Hand-eye coordination is essential to a child's development and sensory play will help with that. Kids also develop focus and concentration while using their hands. Other hands on activities like puzzles and coloring books are good for these traits, too.

Allow kids to be messy when they're creating. Give 'em enough space to dive in and do their thing! A covered table with a mat on the floor is a good start. If kids have a space of their own to get dirty in, they will feel freer to express themselves. An apron or smock will protect their clothes and an inexpensive plastic tablecloth will protect your furniture. Better yet, make a creative space outdoors where you can just hose everything down when they're done. Making something gooey like slime should fun a fun experience and not have you worrying about post-activity clean up.

Pick your poison
DIY slime recipes are abundant online. A quick Google search will bring up tons of them for you and the kids to try. Most slime tutorials start with Elmer's glue and a few other ingredients. Want to try fluffy slime? It requires the addition of shaving cream. Is edible slime something the littles will enjoy? The choice of flavors are endless. Once your kid masters the slime recipe, then it's time for add-ins! This can be the best part of the final product for some. Kids can add everything from glitter to gummy bears to keep it fresh and fun. Slime with a theme is also hot right now. Unicorns, mermaids and holiday themes are all very popular.

Big kids need playtime, too
Think slime is just good for the kids? Think again. the sensory play that slime gives is good for kids of all ages! Do you have a worn out stress ball on your desk that you got as convention SWAG six years ago? Time to chuck that thing in the trash and start fresh. Ask your kids to show you how to make your own batch of the stuff and then keep it at work when you need a little stress relief. Knead the slime in your hands when you feel tense and (hopefully) your tension will melt away. It'll also make you feel like a kid again and could even make you smile!

Taking a slime break will also force you to unplug, even if it's just for a few minutes. You don't want to get your keyboard goopy, do you? That would be a hard no for me. Just sit back from your computer and take 5 minutes to stretch out your hands and mind. Better yet, get up and take a mini walk while kneading your slime. A quick break with new scenery is also great for your productivity!

All in the family
Making slime with your children is also a fun time to bond while spending time together. Maybe a rainy Saturday indoors is just the ticket for the whole family. Turn on some fun tunes, cover the dining table and get to slime making. Have extra bowls on hand for mixing several colors at once, plus all the mix-ins, and watch everyone get creative. Small plastic containers with lids are great for slime storage. And maybe clear out a drawer or bin 'cos once you get started, you'll want to try them all.

And just a hint, our PERSONALIZED PLACEMATS will make the perfect thing to protect your surfaces from the slime.

Next time the kids are zoned out with their phones or complaining that they're bored, bust out the slime recipes. Let them use their brains, get their hands dirty and make some messes!



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