Discount code shipping limitations

During this time of inflation we have not raised our prices however we are not profitable. We have people ask us "Why can't I use a discount code and free shipping on my personalized gifts?"

Even though Amazon has trained us all that shipping is free (even me) it never is. Someone is paying for it.

We don't make money on shipping and are just trying to not lose money when we ship personalized gifts for children. Our costs on shipping runs between $3.00 and $30.00 depending on whether we use USPS or FedEx

We do offer free shipping for orders over $30 but not if you use another discount code. Sorry, we just can't afford it.

Just use FREESHIP for free shipping no all orders within the USA. We believe your children or grandchildren will love the bedtime stories, birthday wishes stories, and children's book we manufacture. 

Just reach out to me (Mark) if they don't like the personalized books, personalized placemats, or custom coloring books and we will be happy to refund your order.


Our job is to make parents, grandparents, and children smile.

Thanks for reading.



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