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Why Sports Matter For Kids

When I was a kid, all we ever did was play sports. If it was raining we'd play mud football, if it was sunny we'd find the nearest baseball diamond. It did not matter what the circumstances were, if we could get enough people for some sort of pick up game, that's what we did. That doesn't even include the structured leagues that we all played in either. I'm going to sound like an old grouch, but I honestly believe kids these days spend way too much time with their eyes on a screen. I'm only 23 by the way, so I am barely not a kid, but I see stark contrast between my childhood and the way current kids are growing up. Kids will use screens, I use screens literally most of the day (including writing this), but I believe there needs to be more balance. Sports are a healthy way for kids to get outside, get exercise, learn teamwork, and gain confidence and I think there are few other activities that can teach them all these skills at the same time. In this day and age, screens are just going to be a part of life, and they certainly have their place, but I believe that sports are such a great way for kids to get out and do something constructive with their friends.

baseball for girls and boys

hockey for girls and boys

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