Baby Shower

Personalized Baby Shower Gifts

personalized baby shower gifts

Books galore—it’s a baby shower! Here you'll find the most adorable baby books. Great gifts for expecting parents, or for your own little baby, these items are sure to help bond you, or mom and dad, with the baby. Watch your baby's first smiles and listen to their coos as you read them a personalized Frecklebox book. Invite them into this world, filled with color, as you read and they watch and listen. Bedtime routine is encouraged for the new baby to sleep easy and you can help! Encourage a bedtime routine with a special book they can enjoy over and over again as they are lulled to sleep. These books are made to last and someday, not too far in the future, they will read this book to you! Printed using the latest technology printers these products are sure to be enjoyed for years to come. This unique Frecklebox gift is sure to stun at any baby shower. The new mom is usually showered with tons of baby clothes they quickly grow out of. A Frecklebox gift, however, will grow with them. Leave the new baby a sweet note inside the cover to let them know you loved them before they were even born!