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Personalized Storybooks

Frecklebox offers the best in personalized storybooks for boys and girls of all ages. Our personalized storybooks feature your child as the star of the show and include their name on each and every page. They will light up when they see themselves in their very own personalized storybook.

Personalized Coloring Books

Personalized coloring books from Frecklebox feature your little one's name hidden on every single page. These coloring books are a great outlet for your child's creativity and an awesome way to keep them busy during the summer months. They are sure to light up every time they open their book.

Personalized School Supplies

Personalized school supplies from Frecklebox are an awesome way to make your child feel connected to their belongings. Their name will be proudly displayed for all to see and they will have no trouble keeping track of their stuff. We are sure these will delight you just as much as it will them.